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Lost Arrow: The Archer’s Superficial Wisdom And Hollow Insights.


My first encounter with Paulo Coelho was through “The Alchemist,” a book I stumbled upon during a challenging phase in my life (a phase that persists today in a different form). I developed a greater appreciation for the book than its fair share because of the particular period of my life. However, “The Archer” takes a different path, aiming to impart life lessons through simple metaphors. Despite this intent, it lacks the captivating depth readers love in Coelho’s acclaimed work, “The Alchemist.”

The Archer
The Archer

“The Archer” emerges as more of a self-help pamphlet than a real book/fiction. The content spread thinly across the pages, is laden with simplistic metaphors striving hard to give life’s teachings. Yet, these metaphors and characters need more depth to develop any appreciation.

One of the most glaring setbacks of “The Archer” is its lack of substance. With minimal content on each page—often comprising a mere four to five lines—the book fails profoundly to provide any substantial literary experience to the readers. Rather than delving into profound insights, it merely scratches the surface, leaving readers yearning for more.

Furthermore, the overarching disappointment arises from the absence of unique or substantial teachings. Coelho’s attempt at weaving common life lessons into metaphorical musings results in a reiteration of widely known principles, lacking any innovation or value addition to the readers. The book adheres closely to common preachings about life, failing to offer any original insights or lessons.

While Coelho’s signature writing style is evident, the brevity of “The Archer” undermines it heavily. No serious reader can be content with this half-baked reading experience, which hardly lasts half an hour on a serious reading. The book feels more like a diluted summary of everyday lessons rather than a serious literary work. As a result, it ultimately falls short of reader expectations as it needs more depth and substance expected from the celebrated author.

the archer teaching
the archer teaching

In conclusion, “The Archer” by Paulo Coelho disappoints with its superficial metaphors and common teachings. Its limited content and failure to offer unique insights make it more akin to a self-help guide than fiction. Readers seeking genuine depth might find this work unsatisfying. However, it could serve as introductory life lessons for young readers.

My Rating:-

  • Paperback
  • Total pages: 130
  • Genre: Philosophical Fiction
  • The Archer: Paulo Coelho

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