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Bryce Quinlan is the Beating Heart of Crescent City.


Welcome to the enchanting world of Midgard, where “Crescent City” unfolds on the continent of Valbara. Sarah J Maas, with her rich and vivid storytelling, invites readers on a deep dive into the intricate fantasy world of Crescent City.

Spanning over four parts and an epilogue, this 803-page mammoth read marks the beginning of the Crescent City series. Maas crafts a detailed universe, but initially, readers may find themselves overwhelmed by the abundance of new terminologies and characters introduced. For instance, the early mention of the four houses of Midgard and the year 33rd V.E. assumes familiarity with these concepts. However, as the story progresses, the references become clearer, and the depth of the characters and underlying themes gradually reveal themselves.

crescent city

Life in Crescent City: Bryce’s Story

Part one spotlights Bryce and her friends, living a life of extravagance in Crescent City. The bond between Bryce and Danika epitomizes a selfless, respectful, and loving friendship. Their lives, filled with parties, dancing, and challenges, draw the reader into the heart of Crescent City. Just as the reader starts grasping this complex world, tragedy strikes with a demon murdering Bryce’s closest friends – an event that flips her world upside down.

The Investigation: A Tale of Mystery and Friendship

Two years later, Bryce grapples with this tragedy while murders following the same pattern reemerge in Crescent City. She teams up with Hunt Athalar, a central character, to unravel the killer’s identity and the connections between these crimes. What follows is a riveting mix of love, friendship, emotions, murders, and unexpected twists, with friendship and relationships at the core of Crescent City’s narrative.

Bryce Quinlan: Heart of Crescent City

Bryce Quinlan, the ‘beating heart’ of Crescent City, is a character of profound depth. Her development, emotions, traumas, and resilience are intricately portrayed. The novel, rich in adult themes, showcases Bryce’s strength and vulnerability. Her unyielding dedication to loved ones, even in the face of dire threats, is awe-inspiring. With each chapter, her layered personality unfolds, making her a truly memorable character in Crescent City.

Bryce & crescent city

Final Thoughts: The World of Crescent City

As my first foray into Sarah J Maas’s work, “Crescent City” was thoroughly engaging, despite some fans noting similarities to her previous novels. The narrative could benefit from tighter editing to condense its length, as certain detailed descriptions do not significantly advance the plot.

Nevertheless, Crescent City stands out as a captivating read. Its complexity demands commitment from both writer and reader, which Maas meets brilliantly. The realm of Midgard, with Crescent City at its heart, is a tapestry of humans, magical beings, and celestial creatures, all contributing to a story that keeps the reader enthralled with its twists and turns.

My Rating:-

  • Paperback
  • Total pages: 803
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • House of Earth and Blood: Crescent City – Sarah J. Maas

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Sarah J. Maas invites readers into Crescent City’s magical world with captivating storytelling and intricate fantasy.


This review discusses the first book in Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series. It highlights the complex world-building and the strong bond between the main character, Bryce, and her friends. The reviewer acknowledges the book’s length but finds the story engaging.

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