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Come for the wedding of the year: Join the Guest List.


The Guest List is ‘a classic whodunnit’ which maintains its grip over the readers till the end and keeps them guessing about the killer.

The Guest List is ‘a classic whodunnit’ which maintains its grip over the readers till the end and keeps them guessing about the killer. Lucy Foley – a recent entry into the crime thriller genre, and this book provide enough curiosity to the readers to check her other works.

Marriage Venue:

Set on a remote island of Inis an Amplóra, or Cormorant Island of the coast of Ireland, where some 100 plus guests have gathered for a wedding. The bride (runs a successful online magazine) and groom (a watered-down version of Bear Grylls) are the central characters to the setting. The wedding will provide enough fuel to the paparazzi to fire all the leading dailies and social media.

The story is non-linear, where the narrative continuously fluctuates between the present and the events leading to the tragedy, and perspective also keeps on changing to various characters of the guestlist for the wedding. Such a read makes for a more engaging reading experience as the reader explores many viewpoints to the setting.

The Attendees:

Soon into the read, one realises the perspectives hopping between The wedding planner, The Plus-One, The Bride, Bridesmaid, The Best Man, and later The Groom. Plot progression brings to fore the past of the key characters and the linkages between them. All come together on the island of ghosts to discover their links and their newfound motives. The island has its past and part to play in the plot and anchor its events.

Overall, the character development picks up pace and primes the reader for the events to follow in the plot.

The Marriage:

The short plot is murder on this mysterious island. The attendees, as per the guest list, have a past that highlights their motive. The gripping suspense of the killer among the guests keeps the reader on their toes; the author has done well to shield the true killer up to the very end. However, to the attentive readers, subtle clues are still sprinkled throughout the plot about the killer’s identity.

Join the guest list ?

Overall The Guest List provides good suspense and is a gripping thriller for the readers. One shouldn’t be surprised if it soon turns out into a movie or some Netflix series shortly. The Language is easy to follow, with no need to run after the dictionary to follow every chapter. It’s a good read to those looking for a thrilling ride on the weekend.

My Rating:-

  • Paperback
  • Total pages: 378
  • Genre: Thriller
  • The Guest List – Lucy Foley

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